Lessen ontwerpen met TED-Ed

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How do I create a lesson page on TED-Ed?

TED-Ed offers a set of tools that allow you to create interactive lesson pages around great YouTube video content. Follow these three steps to create your own!

  1. To get started, visit our video search page to select a video. You can search by keyword, or paste in a YouTube URL. TED-Ed Lessons can be created around either public or unlisted YouTube videos. Note that the videos here have not been filtered or vetted by the TED-Ed team, so make sure that you review the contents of any video you’re not already familiar with!
  2. Once you have selected your video, click through into the TED-Ed Lesson editor. You’ll be able to add multiple choice questions, open answer questions, discussion prompts, and additional resources to your lesson.
  3. After you publish your lesson, you’ll receive a unique URL for your lesson page. Only you have access to this link, so you can share it with your class in whatever way works for you. As students submit work on your lesson page, you’ll be able to monitor their progress and view their answers.

You can also use any of the sample lessons that we provide in our public lesson library with your students. To do this, visit any of our lesson pages that you’re interested in, and use the “Customize This Lesson” button at the bottom right to copy the lesson to your account. Keep any of our content that you like, or feel free to add your own! When you publish your copy of the lesson, you’ll receive a link to your customized copy of the lesson – share this with your students to track their work.

You can manage the lessons you’ve created, return to editing your drafts, or access student work at any time by visiting your lesson activity page.